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 -How to Prepare for a Blood Donation-

 Did you know? Preparing for your blood donation starts before you walk in.

1. A healthy meal within two hours of your donation is important to a successful donation.

It is also recommended that regular donors make a habit of eating foods that are rich in Iron. A few examples include red meat, chicken, tuna, salmon, lima beans, red kidney beans,broccoli, bake potato, and also many iron fortified cereals.

2. Always drink plenty of non-caffeinated, non-alcoholic beverages such as water, juice, and Gatorade® one hour before donating.
Drinks and snacks will be provided during and after the medical screening and before the donation.

3. Most importantly, make sure to get a good night’s sleep before the day of your donation.


 -The Blood Donation Process-  

-The entire blood donation process takes about one hour.                                                                                           -All steps must follow procedure exactly to ensure the safety of the donor and the blood supply. 

Step 1: Registration

  • Present proper photo identification.

  • Provide general information for records.

Step 2: Screening Process

  • A trained staff member will check your temperature, pulse, and blood pressure.

  • Hemoglobin levels are also checked by testing a drop of blood.

  • A trained staff member will guide you through the "Donor Registration Form"                                                                              (Information is discussed privately and kept strictly confidential).

Step 3: Pre-Donation Refreshments

  • Before donating, we ask donors to drink water or another beverage to help hydration levels.

Step 4: Donation

  • Lie down in a comfortable bed in the donation area.

  • A trained phlebotomist will sterilize the area of the arm before drawing the blood.

    -All Smiles from a happy Donor- 

  • Squeeze ball to help the blood flow.

  • The actual donation takes about 10 to 15 minutes.

  • All materials used during the donation are pre-packaged, sterile, and disposable.

  • Upon completion of the donation, the needle is removed and the arm is bandaged.

Step 5: Refreshments and Relaxation

  • Enjoy the snacks and drinks provided for you.

  • After 15 minutes, donors can continue on with their day knowing they have made a difference. 

Step 6: Post-Donation

  • Donors should avoid strenuous activity or heavy lifting for a few hours following donation.

  • If donors feel light-headed, lie down until it passes.